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2017-03-12 15:47:48 by BrokenPaw

I'm still alive and now in Ohio.



Michigan Blows

2016-07-11 21:01:09 by BrokenPaw

Glass this state holy shit.

New Job

2016-01-15 07:53:54 by BrokenPaw

I expect to be working here for the next six months till I have to move again. Guess I should make the most of what time I've got left.

Motor City Furry Con

2015-12-27 09:32:19 by BrokenPaw

Greeting random newgrounds user.

I know most of you aren't furries and you probably aren't ever going to be attening this convention. However, if you could do me a favor and fill out that referral link below that would help me out. You don't have to do all of the tasks, you can only do one if you want. Either way, please take a moment of your time and please participate.


2015-12-13 14:24:33 by BrokenPaw

Chistmas is stupid.


Send me money.


2015-11-02 16:25:15 by BrokenPaw

I finally decided to stop being an inactive fucking loser and get off my ass and exercise. Mainly focusing on my core and cardio. Wish me luck!

Interview Today

2015-10-27 07:07:00 by BrokenPaw

Kinda funny, after going through the interview I really don't want to work at this place. Seems hella shady.


2015-10-21 23:37:13 by BrokenPaw

Why does this account still exist lmao


I live in Michigan now btw.


2015-06-04 17:37:27 by BrokenPaw

I wash dishes now it sucks dick. Welcome to the American dream, take a number.

Here's a photo of me at a party drinking right from a wine bottle and with a big fucking hickey on my neck. Furry Conventions are the shit y'all.


IKEA Fursuit

2015-01-10 13:49:51 by BrokenPaw

I can't believe they are selling them now.